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My life began in Brooklyn, New York, and through a series of benevolent and serendipitous events, I now reside in Nelson, New Zealand.

I facilitate the release of physical, mental, and emotional tensions in the body through a unique combination of deeply relaxing and therapeutic modalities.

I don't believe pain is gain, but feeling is healing, so I hold space for individuals to discover, connect and reinvent their relationship with their body.

“We have learned that trauma is not just an event that took place sometime in the past; it is also the imprint left by that experience on mind, brain, and body. This imprint has ongoing consequences for how the human organism manages to survive in the present.”

- Bessel A. van der Kolk, The Body Keeps The Score

My Holistic Methods


Energetic and Spiritual Guidance

Reiki is a powerful healing technique utilised to access your ultimate potential. By channeling the Angelic Kingdom of Light, Angelic Reiki has the ability to heal the body on multiple levels - physical, emotional, and psychological. It works by addressing the root causes of ailments and imbalances, promoting holistic wellness and balance. Traditional Reiki is based on the principle that life energy flows through us, and when this energy is blocked or depleted, it can lead to various physical and emotional issues. By unlocking and replenishing this energy, Angelic Reiki allows for the restoration of harmony and vitality within the body, ultimately unlocking your full potential for a healthier life.

Body-Mind Therapy &
Remedial Massage Therapy

Body-mind therapies are a comprehensive approach to promoting healing and overall well-being. These therapies recognise the intricate connection between the body and mind and aim to address both aspects simultaneously. The underlying principle is that by treating the body and mind as a unified entity, individuals can experience improved health outcomes and a greater sense of inner peace. Body-mind therapies empower individuals to take an active role in their own healing journey by providing them with tools and practices that promote overall well-being and vitality.

Remedial massage therapy is a specialised form of massage that focuses on targeting specific areas of the body where pain, discomfort, and limited range of movement are present. By using a combination of hands-on manipulation and active patient participation, remedial massage therapy aims to restore the body's natural balance, improve circulation, and promote overall well-being. Whether it's a stiff neck, tight shoulders, or a sore back, this therapy can effectively address the root causes of physical discomfort, providing relief and helping individuals regain their optimal level of functioning.

Louise C.

One word... Amazing. I was referred to Tina via another specialist at the Wellness Clinic to help with my pain, mobility and posture issues with my neck and shoulders. Within 15 mins of the appt my pain had subsided and Tina provided exercises to support my recovery. Tina is also very intuitive and helped me work through some emotional stuff I was dealing with. She is caring, considerate, intuitive and wonderful to work with. I highly recommend.

Happy clients


Jesse B.

Tina is an accommodating and very knowledgeable practitioner, and an intuitive healer. I visited the clinic for my Micro Fascia Unwinding experience and was warmly welcomed into a safe and friendly environment. I intentionally arrived without expectations for an outcome and left our session feeling lighter and clearer than I have felt in a long time. Days later, I am still feeling the effects of our session and I am already looking forward to our next one.

Karin I.

The first session of micro fascia unwinding had surprising and immediate impact. What I noticed was an ‘absence’ of something, that I didn’t realise was there. As I walked down the stairs there was no ‘bone’ pain in my spine, legs or feet - which apparently I am so used to that it was only apparent in its absence - and as I gently walked home my body felt light and calm and my inner being was joyful.

space gray iPhone X beside turned on laptop beside coffee and succulent plant
space gray iPhone X beside turned on laptop beside coffee and succulent plant

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